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(02. Sep 2017, 23:03)IR0NICAL Wrote: Šta bi sa starim forumom, što je sad na tapatalk domenu?

Kolko vidim, ovo mu bidne poruka za sve koji su imali Yuka forum neki.

Quote:"Dear Forum Admin,

Per the earlier announcement, we are transitioning Yuku to an updated platform on Tapatalk Groups. Many of you have participated in the Beta testing of the new platform. We received tons of great feedback and made many updates to address many of the issues raised during the Beta testing. And we will continue to make improvements and enhancements to Tapatalk Groups platform.

In the next 7 days, we'll roll out the production migration of your site to Tapatalk Groups. If you find any data or formatting issues on the preview board and would like to postpone the migration, please reply to this email stating the issues. The migration will not change your site URL. There will be a few of hours of downtime while we move to the new platform, and the moves are planned for late night and early morning to minimize the impact to you and your members.

After the migration, you should login to your Admin Control Panel to update your site logo, banners, and other customization.

Enjoy the new ride with Tapatalk Groups!

Regards, Yuku Support Team"
"Kakvi mladi, takvi stari...Od ovog trenutka, trazimo nove...mlade. Alo, javite se!"

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Zašto su uopšte menjali platformu? Confused
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"IR0NICAL has private messaging disabled. You cannot send private messages to this user."
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fixed :P

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