Astra Telekom
U kom smislu "= Radijus Vektor" ? Isti im gazda? Ponuda TV kanala im nije ista. Radijus nudi i Sport Klub, Fox kanale, HBO, Cinemania...
Verujem, sličan je sajt, a igrao sam se malo i sa whois i viewdns i otkrio da imaju neku vezu, a i jedan forumaš je isto to napisao u temi "Citadela"

Ovi nisu normalni, Radijus Vektor, Masko, Citadela, Metrostar, Astra Telekom, sad superfiber.

Evo ga: Jeste da im .net više nije adresa, ali ovde: ista adresa onog ko je registrovao, kao i ista kompanija.
Pre neki mesec slucajno sam naleteo na ovaj tekst, ali nikako da ga postujem ovde...

Quote:Serbia's Astra Telekom to use Cubiware middleware for IPTV services
Tuesday, September 13th, 2016

TiVo’s Cubiware to Enable Astra Telekom to Deliver IPTV Service in Serbia

AMSTERDAM — Cubiware, a Warsaw, Poland based subsidiary of TiVo Inc. (NASDAQ: TIVO), today announced that Astra Telekom, a privately held Serbian telecom operator, will use Cubiware’s middleware solutions to provide enhanced IPTV services to customers throughout Serbia.

Astra Telekom will use Cubiware’s solutions to bring customers the latest in IPTV technology, producing a cost-effective choice and an enhanced entertainment experience in home and across mobile devices for the consumer. In addition to linear TV service, a mainstream offering in the Serbian market, Astra Telekom plans to implement Cubiware`s CatchUP and VoD features to deliver Astra TV, a high quality TV distribution service for consumers.

“We are excited to work with Cubiware for our IPTV service,” said Slobodan Preradovic, CEO of Astra Telekom. “With our collaborative solution we plan to grow the Serbian IPTV market, bringing our customers an entertainment experience they want and deserve. Cubiware understands our business model and approach and we look forward to working with them on solutions that foster that expansion.”

“Our team is eager to work with Astra Telekom in delivering the Serbian market a low-cost IPTV solution that suits the needs of their customer base,” said Maciej Grzonkowski, co-founder of Cubiware. “There are many IPTV and OTT services in the market, but together we provide a product that has already grown customer satisfaction.”


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